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Air USA pilots are career US military fighter/attack pilots. Our pilot cadre is made up of highly skilled weapon school grads, Operational and developmental test pilots, and experienced combat veterans.

If you are a highly experienced fighter/attack pilot and interested in putting your advanced tactical skill sets and training to work for service to the United States military and its allies, please send a resume to


Maintenance Personnel

Our fleet of Fighter and Attack aircraft are maintained, upgraded and inspected IAW manufacturers guidance and IAW DOD maintenance regulations.

If you are an aircraft maintenance or weapons system professional and are interested in working on high performance jet fighter aircraft or prop driven attack aircraft and weapons systems please send a resume to


Administration – Logistics Personnel

Air USA continues to grow in its worldwide service to the U.S. military and its allies. Our staff of logistic and administrative personnel excel at worldwide placement and transportation of aircraft, equipment and personnel.

If you are administrative or logistics expert or interested in becoming one, please send your resume to