Our Mission

We exist to help protect the USA by training the military’s next generation of pilots for combat readiness. We were established to address the Military Training Requirements during a time of shrinking budgets, fewer Military Aircraft and fewer Military Tactical aviators. (downsizing). With vision and leadership, we are preparing an elite force.

Air USA Firsts

Air USA was the first company in the Commercial Air Services industry to:
  • Fly in support of USN Type III subsonic jet requirements
  • Conduct Flight Operations in Japan
  • Conduct Flight Operations in Hawaii
  • Conduct Flight Operations in Canada
  • Fly the RM-30B Tow reel flying towable targets
  • Carry Electronic Warfare pods in support of USN Surface Warfare training
  • Fly a privately owned MiG 29 in U.S. airspace (Fall 2010)
  • Achieve U.S. Federal approval to purchase, transport, store and employ ordnance (Fall 2010)
  • Import machine guns with all Federal licenses (July 2013)
  • Conduct Night Live CAS (Feb 2011)
  • Purchase MIL Spec NVG’s for conducting Night Live CAS.
  • Purchase Digitally Aided CAS equipment (Fall 2011)
  • Conduct Digitally Aided CAS training
  • Purchase Laser Guided Training Rounds
  • Employ Laser Guided Training Rounds
  • Conduct Live Strafe with an L-39 Spring 2013
  • Employ L-39’s with MX-15 Sensors (Summer 2011)
  • Install and flight test an AESA radar
  • Install and flight test an AESA radar with integrated Level 4 EW Pod allowing Jam and Shoot
  • Purchase and import PC-9 aircraft
  • Provide 100% of JTAC training for SOF JTACs prior to deploying in combat



First Jet Purchased

Air USA imported its first foreign military jet, an L-39 Albatross at a time when doing so was an extremely complex and convoluted undertaking. Air USA, who began as a key player, now expands its formidable legacy providing cost-efficient assets at the forefront of the aggressor air support industry.




Employing ground attack close air support missions in both day and nighttime environments, Air USA has successfully completed more than 8,000 airstrikes in US Military training since its inception. A leader in this environment, the JTAC training realm continues to elevate its unsurpassed achievements.



Most Advanced

Air USA becomes the world’s most advanced private air force. Planes include: MIG-29A/UB Fulcrum, F-5E/F Tiger II, BAE HAWK, L-39 Abatros, Pilatus PC-9, Cessna C-337 Super SkyMaster.